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We know that regular physical activity is hugely beneficial for adults – and also for children. In fact, just 15 minutes a day can make all the difference. A Daily Mile track is a great way to encourage this, providing the space for anyone to make that regular commitment to fitness and feeling good. Installing this kind of facility can help with everything, from physical fitness to mental health – here’s how.

What is a Daily Mile track?

The Daily Mile initiative is something simple and free that any school or nursery can participate in. Children simply jog or run at their own pace for 15 minutes – ideally, around a Daily Mile track. There is no extra workload for caregivers and teachers and the Daily Mile is an opportunity to make connections with friends as well as encourage movement and build physical strength and ability. With a Daily Mile track it’s very simple to make this happen because the track becomes the focal point for anyone who wants to take part.

Why is the Daily Mile a good idea?

The initiative was developed in response to concerns over falling activity levels among children today. According to statistics, around a third of children do less than 30 minutes of activity each day when World Health Organisation guidelines state that this should be closer to 60. Children can take part in the Daily Mile in whatever they are wearing – there is no need for a specialist sports kit or clothes – and it’s open to everyone of any ability and fitness level. The idea is to build up the benefits of this kind of activity over time.

What are the benefits of installing a Daily Mile track?

Having a Daily Mile track on-site is a great idea because it’s so easy to make the Daily Mile happen. There is no need to find a space, or a route because you can simply go to the track and start moving. It makes all the benefits of the Daily Mile very accessible, including:

  • Improving physical health. Doing a Daily Mile will help to build physical strength and improve heart health, as well as increase muscle strength and reduce body fat. It also encourages healthy body composition and has been found to have a positive impact on body mass index in girls, according to research.
  • Supporting mental health and wellbeing. Children who have taken part in the Daily Mile reported feeling more alert and awake afterwards. It improves attitudes to physical activity and the willingness to take part. Plus, teachers report that doing the Daily Mile improves the strength of student and teacher relationships, as well as peer-to-peer relationships among children.
  • Encouraging learning. Studies have found that doing the Daily Mile can increase alertness and verbal memory, both of which support the ability to learn in children.

The Daily Mile is a great way to help children get active and enjoy a range of physical, mental and developmental benefits.