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You don’t have to be a pro athlete – or even a serious runner – to appreciate the benefits of track workouts. From building muscle to boosting metabolism there are lots of ways that track workouts can provide benefits to anyone, no matter what your fitness goals. Track workouts are generally defined as any kind of speed workout on a track. That could be intervals, fartlek or tempo runs – but it doesn’t include running laps of a track. Whether you’re looking for a new way to improve your workouts this year, or just to get re-inspired by what the track can offer, here are some of the key benefits.

  • The calorie burn. When you’re running fast you’re burning more calories than taking a slower jog. Intense sprinting for 2.5 minutes, for example, can burn up to 200 calories, compared to half that with regular running. The exact number of calories burned will always depend on your body make up and pace but as a general guide you will always burn more running fast.
  • Building muscle. If you’re not a keen gym bunny you can still build muscle through track workouts. Working out like this means that you build your fast-twitch muscle fibres, which increases muscle mass in key places such as calves, thighs and quads.
  • A boost to the metabolism. A hard speed workout burns fat instead of calories and your body will continue to keep burning even after you’re no longer running. So track workouts are a great option if you’re looking for a general metabolism boost.
  • Helping to minimise injuries while maximising performance. Running on a track provides you with a cushioned, level, flat surface on which to train. This can be very different from roads where there may be obstacles or debris or grass, which can be uneven. As a result, injuries are much less likely to occur.
  • Become a more efficient runner. When you do track workouts you’re improving leg strength and balance and this is vital for ensuring that you have the best possible technique when you’re running. It will help you to be a more stable runner too, which is key for avoiding injuries and being able to get more from the activity that you do. Plus, speed training helps to increase heart performance. As a result, heart rate and oxygen efficiency improve, making you a better performing runner too.
  • Increasing bone strength. When you’re sprinting you’re boosting bone density much more so than when taking a slower paced run. One study found that among older athletes, those that were sprinters had better density than longer distance runners.
  • Enjoying the endorphins. Pushing yourself to new levels with sprinting and going as fast as your body can take you, can create a real runner’s rush that will encourage you to go on and do more where exercise is concerned.

Abacus offers different types of running track where all of these benefits can be enjoyed every day by those who use the track.