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Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (or Schemes) are designed to help improve the quality of the surfacing that we use every day in an urban environment. They are intended to help deal better with surface water, effectively mimicking what the land would normally do if it didn’t have tarmac and pavements on top making the usual systems of drainage, etc tricky. There are a number of benefits to SUDS applications that make them a very attractive option when you’re designing and planning surfaces.

How are SUDS applications beneficial?

  • The right SUDS Bond surfacing will help to ensure that an area doesn’t end up being flooded or permanently covered in surface water. This can help to improve the durability and longevity of surfacing and avoid the environmental challenges of waterlogged surfaces.
  • SUDS Bond surfacing allows for better management of flood control and stormwater.
  • Because of the way that SUDS Bond surfacing prevents surface water build up it can help to avoid excessive construction and maintenance costs.
  • SUDS Bond surfacing creates an improved environment that is easy and pleasant to use.

How does SUDS surfacing work?

This is an area where there has been a huge amount of investment in development. In fact, the range of technologies that are designed around SUDS surfacing is vast. These are some of the most commonly used:

  • Permeable pavements. These are permeable paving structures that work in defiance of the previous wisdom, which was to try and remove surface water from pavements as quickly as possible. Instead, surface water sinks into the porous paving and then is stored or released back into the environment in a controlled way.
  • Soakaways. Falling within a group of SUDS surfacing known as infiltration and attenuation, soakaways are probably the most popular and commonly used form of SUDS when used in conjunction with paving. This type of SUDS system collects surface water and then gradually returns it to the environment. It might include an element of water storage that makes it possible to store sudden increases in water so that it can be released back into the environment in a controlled way over a period of time.
  • Filter drains. These are not a modern development but have been used in surface design for hundreds of years. A land or field drain is a form of filter drain and you will often find filter drains collecting water on the edge of a road, for example.
  • Swales. Also known as ‘part time ditches,’ swales are broad but shallow channels that have been dug into the ground and are usually found at the edges of a road.
  • A rain garden. This is essentially an area of garden that has been designated for those plants that are particularly water-loving. It is often used as a SUDS infiltration solution for a domestic driveway.

SUDS surfacing is a key part of ensuring that any area is fit for purpose and should be a priority for any urban environment investment.

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