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Golf club walkways need to meet safety requirements and also ensure that the aesthetic of the club is maintained – the right choice of surfacing can do just that. SUDS surfacing is not only an ideal option for British golf clubs, where the weather can be unpredictable, but also has an appealing aesthetic and is ideal for a range of uses. These are some of the reasons why SUDS is the best solution for your golf club walkway.

What is SUDS?

SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) bond paving is made from black rubber granules and decorative aggregates that are bound together with polyurethane. The end result is a firm surface with a sleek appearance that meets stringent requirements in terms of performance. When it comes to the ideal surfacing solutions for golf club walkways, SUDS has a lot of great benefits to offer.

  • Ideal for areas of high foot traffic. SUDS surfacing is designed to be durable and long-lasting even in areas that are getting a lot of use. That makes it a great investment for a golf club where walkways are constantly being used but need to remain both safe and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, SUDS is so effective that it is even guaranteed for five years in high traffic areas.
  • SUDS improves accessibility for all. If the priority for your club is to make it more accessible this year, SUDS is a great choice. This type of surfacing not only meets accessibility requirements for wheelchairs but will improve access for many other visitors too. For example, it makes the club easier to navigate for those with buggies or pushchairs and is also suitable for golf carts.
  • Ideal for any environment. SUDS is designed to withstand the challenges of the British weather and to perform under any circumstances. It is fully porous, allowing for draining, which is vital to ensuring that gold club walkways don’t get flooded during rainy periods. This can also be essential during the colder months because it will reduce the potential for ice forming on surfaces and creating a slip hazard.
  • A safe option that prioritises your visitors and members. SUDS has been independently tested for slip resistance and is a great option for ensuring safety on golf club walkways. It’s an investment that will ensure both visitors and members know that their safety is being prioritised at all times.
  • Creating an enjoyable and aesthetic experience. SUDS is very comfortable to walk on and provides a great user experience. It also has a sleek and seamless appearance, which will complement the design of any golf club grounds and ensure that it is in keeping with the aesthetic.

When it comes to solutions for golf club walkways there are few that offer the same level of performance and safety as SUDS. Whether you’re looking for ongoing durability or a seamless and appealing appearance that will create a great first impression, SUDS is the best solution for your golf club walkway.