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Picking the right surface for play areas is a key choice to make. This can not only impact how an area looks and feels to use but also whether it’s safe and hazard-free. Rubber mulch and wet pour play surfaces are two very popular choices and both have many different benefits. But what are the key differences to note when it comes to the choice between rubber mulch and wet pour play surfaces.

Rubber mulch and wet pour play surfaces

If you’re looking to make a choice about play surfaces then rubber mulch or wet pour are likely to stand out as the two best options. The aesthetic you can create with this type of surface is high quality with lots of ways to customise and to bring some real individuality and character to any play surface. Plus, rubber mulch and wet pour play surfaces are safe and reliable and meet the requirements of UK health and safety regulations. So, if you’re keen to find the best option for your play surface the choice is going to be between rubber mulch and wet pour.

Rubber mulch vs wet pour

The key difference between rubber mulch and wet pour lies in the way that these play surfaces are created. Rubber mulch is made from shredded rubber – used car tyres. It has a very similar appearance to bark chippings but tends to be much more durable and long lasting and requires a lot less maintenance. Wet pour, on the other hand, is formed from recycled rubber granules that have been bound together. When wet pour is laid it is done in two layers so that you have a smooth and seamless safety surface.

The advantages of choosing rubber mulch

  • A cost effective and durable option – and it’s really simple to install too.
  • Very little maintenance is necessary to ensure that your surfaces stay weed free.
  • Rubber mulch has a natural look that can fit with any aesthetic.
  • An excellent play surface that is bouncy, soft and ideal for many different depths so it can be tailored to the fall risk of any equipment.
  • Ideal in all weathers – it’s water resistant and quick drying and there is no need to worry about puddles forming.
  • The only downside is that it’s not ideal for very young children or anywhere that children are crawling.

The advantages of choosing wet pour

  • A great way to create a vibrant aesthetic that fits with an overall play area theme.
  • Easy to install to a range of different depths depending on critical fall height criteria.
  • Smooth and slip-proof, it’s a great safety surface that is very reliable.
  • A porous surface that can be used all year round and won’t degrade the quality of the play area in bad weather.
  • A seamless surface, which minimises the potential for slips and trips.
  • Easy to add bright colours and educational elements – the possibilities are endless.

Rubber mulch and wet pour both have many advantages and can help to create a durable, safe and vibrant play space.