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Also known as a Multi Use Games Area, a MUGA pitch is a very versatile option for schools, parks and playgrounds where there is a need to efficiently accommodate as many activities as possible. Installing a MUGA can open up the options for playing sport and making the best possible use of a single area. So, what is a MUGA and what are the benefits of investing in one?

A Multi Use Games Area

A MUGA pitch is a single area that is designed to host many different types of activities thanks to the design of the pitch and the markings that are installed with it. MUGAs are versatile because they can be used in this way and also because they are weather proof – so there are no limits on the seasons in which they can be used. The range of activities they can be used to host is broad, from hockey and tennis through to netball and basketball. Using a MUGA means that there is no need to create multiple pitches for different activities, which makes them the ideal option for anywhere with limited space, as well as a budget-friendly choice.

Where will you find a MUGA?

MUGAs are so versatile that they can be installed anywhere with the space to do so. As a result, you’ll find MUGAs in many different places today, including schools and universities, as well as spaces that are used by sports teams, gyms and sports centres, hotels, public parks and playgrounds as well as community and council spaces. A MUGA is a high quality option, and a great versatile investment, which is why this type of pitch tends to have such broad appeal. MUGAs are made from a synthetic surfacing, such as artificial grass, polymeric rubber or macadam surface finishes, so they are hard wearing and safe too.

What are the benefits of a MUGA?

  • Ideal for all weather. MUGAs are designed with drainage systems, as well as to withstand warm weather, which means that they can be used throughout the year. There are no issues with waterlogging, frozen grass or hard, cracked ground in the summer, as the MUGA stays consistent all year round.
  • MUGAs look great. The design and aesthetic of a MUGA today means that it looks professional and can be created specifically for its environment. If you’re using artificial turf as the surfacing for your MUGA then this replicates the look and feel of natural grass – just without any of the issues.
  • Minimal maintenance. Many sports pitches come with a heavy burden of maintenance and repair but that’s not the case with a MUGA. This type of pitch doesn’t require any special treatment and you won’t need to use chemicals to treat weeds etc, as you might with a grass pitch.
  • Safe for all. MUGA pitches are designed to help avoid injury, which is why they are ideal for everyone, from children to professional sports people.

A MUGA is a versatile sports surface that helps to optimise any space and any budget.