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Playground surfacing can make the difference between a safe space that is enjoyable for everyone and a play area that rarely gets used. The right play surfacing will give your playground plenty of appeal, enhance the way it can be used and ensure that you keep ongoing maintenance costs low. These are just a few reasons why modern play surfacing is the best choice.

  • A choice of aesthetics. We know – from research and our own experience – that children prefer environments that incorporate bright colours, inspiring shapes and a range of stimulating aesthetics. Colourful play surfaces, such as wet pour surfacing, that integrate an interesting design will help to trigger creativity and provide lots more options for games and fun.
  • Avoiding a heavy maintenance burden. If you opt for older play surfacing, there tends to be a higher maintenance burden – for example if you choose a surface like bark this can be costly to maintain, especially as it may constantly need to be replaced. Cheap rubber tile matting is another more traditional option but this can degrade quickly and become a safety hazard if a rigorous maintenance schedule is not maintained. Modern surfaces tend to have less maintenance and have been designed to integrate patented safety features, such as shock absorbent pads, as well as using materials that are durable.
  • Managing damage and risk. When you opt for an older play surface there are often many more risks to consider when it comes to safety, as this simply isn’t the most advanced technology available. Older materials tend to age faster, especially if they are in use outdoors, and increase the likelihood of accidents and injury. Modern play surfacing offers the best possible way to manage damage and risk.
  • Dealing with the weather. Drainage is always a problem for many older types of play surfacing that don’t have the most innovative technology and ideas behind them. A play area that doesn’t drain properly in a country like the UK can end up being a muddy disaster that no one can use during rainy periods. Old bark chippings are a prime example of this, as they rot over time they will hold more water, making a wet muddy play space. More modern play surfacing has excellent drainage and is designed to ensure that there is no surface pooling, as well as no break away materials.
  • Future proofing your playground. It can be difficult to upgrade more traditional play surfaces if you do fancy a change because there aren’t many options other than a complete replacement. However, more modern play surfacing is much easier to upgrade and replace so that you can always keep your play area exciting. Add equipment, introduce a whole new theme to the play area or colourful shapes and markings – it’s all much easier to do with modern play surfacing at your fingertips.

If you’re looking to ensure the next investment you make in a playground stands the test of time then modern play surfacing is the clear choice.