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The choice of surfacing material plays a pivotal role in creating safer play environments for children. Mulchbond is a groundbreaking material that is redefining safety standards in playgrounds. Let’s look into how Mulchbond is making playgrounds safer, more environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

What is Mulchbond?

Mulchbond is an innovative surfacing material specially designed for playgrounds and recreational areas. It consists of natural wood mulch and a safe, environmentally friendly binder. This combination results in a durable, non-slip, and impact-absorbing surface. Mulchbond is not only about creating a safe play space; it’s about ensuring that this safety is sustained over time in an eco-friendly manner.

Enhanced Safety Features

1.       Impact Absorption One of the key safety features of Mulchbond is its excellent impact absorption. Falls are common in playgrounds, and the soft, cushioning nature of Mulchbond significantly reduces the risk of injuries. Its impact-absorbing properties exceed many traditional playground surfacing materials, providing a safer environment for children to play and explore. 2.       Non-Slip Surface Mulchbond’s unique texture offers a non-slip surface, which is crucial for preventing accidents, especially in wet conditions. This aspect is particularly important in areas with frequent rain or morning dew, ensuring the play area remains safe and accessible all year round. 3.       Reduced Allergenic Properties Unlike other surfacing materials, Mulchbond is less likely to cause allergic reactions among children. Its natural composition minimises the presence of irritants, making it a safer choice for children with allergies or sensitivities. 4.       Durability and Low Maintenance Besides its safety features, Mulchbond is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance. This durability means that the safety features remain consistent over time, unlike some materials that can degrade and become hazardous. The low maintenance ensures that the playgrounds are always in top condition, without frequent and costly upkeep.

How Mulchbond is Made

Mulchbond is a prime example of innovative recycling, transforming used tyre rubber into a valuable material for playground surfaces. The process begins with encapsulating recycled tyre rubber in a robust PU polymer. This polymer is not just a protective layer; it’s also mixed with light-stable pigments, ensuring that the final product is both aesthetically pleasing and safe. These pigments are considered non-toxic and inert, reflecting Mulchbond’s commitment to environmental responsibility. This manufacturing process not only gives a new lease of life to used tyres, preventing them from ending up in landfills but also ensures that the product is safe for children and the environment.

Other Benefits

·         Environmental The environmental benefits of Mulchbond extend beyond its recycled content. Aside from colouring the rubber, the coating process also primes the rubber bark chippings for enhanced strength and durability. When these coated chippings are mixed and laid with the final binder on site, they achieve a higher tensile strength, leading to a more durable and long-lasting surface. This durability is essential in reducing replacement frequency and, by extension, the environmental impact over time. Additionally, the lower density of Mulchbond, compared to many virgin products, means that its application is more efficient. Less material is needed per square meter, reducing costs and minimising resource consumption and environmental impact. ·         Aesthetic Appeal The versatility of Mulchbond in terms of colour and texture allows for creative customisation to fit any playground’s specific design and thematic needs. Whether the aim is to create a vibrant, colourful space that stimulates imagination and playfulness or a more subdued, nature-inspired area that blends seamlessly with surrounding greenery, Mulchbond can be tailored to meet these aesthetic goals.

Critical Fall Height Considerations with Mulchbond

An essential aspect of playground safety is the Critical Fall Height (CFH) – the maximum height from which a child can fall without sustaining a serious injury. Mulchbond plays a significant role in enhancing the safety of playground equipment by providing a surface that absorbs impact effectively. The effectiveness of Mulchbond in terms of CFH varies depending on its depth and the type of sub-base used. Here’s a breakdown of how different configurations can cater to various CFH requirements:

  • 40mm Depth on Grass Base This configuration can safely cover a CFH of up to 2.4 meters. It’s suitable for playgrounds with equipment of moderate height, providing a safe landing in case of falls.
  • 50mm Depth on Grass Base With a slightly thicker layer of Mulchbond, this setup can cover a CFH of up to 2.9 meters. This option is ideal for playgrounds with taller play structures, offering enhanced safety for higher falls.
  • 60mm Depth on Grass Base For playgrounds with equipment reaching up to 3.5 meters, a 60mm depth of Mulchbond on a grass base is recommended. This maximises impact absorption and is perfect for areas with high play structures.
  • 40mm Depth on Type 1 Stone Base This combination also covers a CFH of up to 2.4 meters. The Type 1 stone base offers additional stability and durability, making it suitable for high-traffic playgrounds.
  • 50mm Depth on Type 1 Stone Base With this setup, the CFH covered is up to 2.6 meters. It’s a great middle-ground for playgrounds that have a mix of low and moderately high play equipment.
  • 50mm Depth on Concrete Base For playgrounds with lower equipment (up to 1.6 meters in height), a 50mm depth of Mulchbond on a concrete base is adequate. While it offers less CFH coverage, this setup suits younger children or less adventurous play areas.
  • Incorporating Mulchbond with the appropriate depth and sub-base ensures that playgrounds meet safety standards and provide a secure environment for children of all ages. Mulchbond is more than just a playground surfacing material; it’s a comprehensive solution that enhances safety, sustainability, and aesthetics. Contact us for Mulchbond surfacing today.