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The Brief:
The client was looking to upgrade the pathway from the Clubhouse to the first fairway as the existing pathway was hard to use during winter months and prone to puddles/ice risks forming.

Surfacing Installed:
We priced to supply and lay 109m x 2m wide of 50mm thick SUDs bond surfacing. SUDs bond is a water permeable surfacing system that uses a blend of naturally decorative aggregates and recycled granules from used tyres.

SUDs bond meets the accessibility requirement for wheelchair users, prams and golf trollies.

The Challenges:
The client advised us that the site had poor drainage within the area and was often hard to use due to large puddles forming.As the pathways were the main through route for golfers, Abacus aimed to complete the job switfly to avoid minimal disturbance.

The Outcome:
The work was completed in under two days and has provided a durable solution for the golf club, connecting the Clubhouse to the first fairway. The SUDs composite provides fast drainage and would prevent puddles and surface ice forming.
Members are happy with the surface and the new pathway has provided a smart and finished look for the golf club access route.