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In the area of playground surfacing and outdoor recreational design, collaboration is key. At Abacus, we have always believed in the power of synergy. It is with this belief that we have worked well with architects, blending creativity with functionality to shape the future of play surfaces, care homes, hospitals and recreational areas. Our commitment to this collaboration can be found in our online Specification Generator designed for architects.

Why Collaborate with Architects?

Merging Visions: At Abacus Playgrounds, we bring expertise in recreational surfacing (Whether that’s wet pour surfacing, artificial grass surfacing resin bound gravel surfacing), architects bring a broader vision of space utilisation, aesthetics, and alignment with surrounding structures. This merger of visions ensures that recreational surfaces are not just isolated spaces but seamlessly integrate with the broader environment.

Custom Solutions: Every space, whether it’s a school, park, recreational area or community centre, has its unique challenges and opportunities. Collaborating with architects helps us tailor our offerings, ensuring that the project area is optimised for its specific audience and location.

Safety & Compliance: Working closely with architects ensures that our area designs adhere to all safety regulations and standards. The collaboration ensures a balance between innovative designs and safety protocols.

The Specification Generator: Elevating the Collaboration

Understanding the intricate needs of architects, Abacus Playgrounds has introduced the Specification Generator. But why is this tool a game-changer?

Streamlined Process: Time is of the essence in any design project. Our Specification Generator provides architects with instant access to technical data, product specifications, and design insights. This streamlining of information access accelerates decision-making.

Customisation at Fingertips: The tool allows architects to generate custom specifications based on their project needs. Whether it’s choosing the right surfacing material, equipment type, or safety features, the Specification Generator offers a tailored approach.

Knowledge Sharing: Beyond specifications, the tool serves as a knowledge hub. Architects can deep dive into product details, understand their benefits, and make informed choices.

Enhanced Collaboration: With easy access to information, architects can actively collaborate with us, iterating designs, exploring alternatives, and finalizing the best solutions for their projects.

The Road Ahead: A Future Built on Collaboration

Our collaboration with architects isn’t a one-off initiative; it’s a journey. We continuously engage, learn, and innovate together. Here’s how we envision the future:

Continuous Learning: The world of recreational design is ever evolving. By closely working with architects, we stay abreast of the latest design trends, safety protocols, and user preferences.

Integrated Solutions: Our goal is to offer solutions that are holistic. Be it integrating play areas with green spaces, aligning with community themes, or ensuring accessibility for all, our collaboration with architects helps us realise these objectives.

Sustainability: Both Abacus and architects are committed to a more sustainable, greener future. Together, we explore sustainable materials, eco-friendly designs, and solutions that reduce our environmental footprint.

Feedback Loop: Our relationship with architects is not just transactional; it’s interactive. Their feedback, based on on-ground challenges and user responses, is invaluable. It helps us refine our offerings and enhance our exceptional service.

In conclusion, the recreational areas of tomorrow are not just about swings, slides, or seesaws and safety surfacing. They are about creating inclusive, safe, and engaging spaces that resonate with the community’s ethos and values. Achieving this requires vision, expertise, and collaboration.

Abacus, with its partnership with architects, is on a mission to redefine recreational spaces, one project at a time. If you’re an architect or planner passionate about crafting future-ready recreational areas, our doors (and our Specification Generator) are always open for you. Let’s shape the future, together, get in contact with our team today to discuss your visionary project.