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The Daily Mile initiative, growing since 2012, has become a cornerstone in UK schools to combat childhood obesity and improve fitness. As schools increasingly install tracks to facilitate mile-a-day, choosing the suitable surface is crucial. This guide explores SUDS Bond and wet pour surfacing, focusing on their suitability for the Daily Mile.

Understanding Daily Mile Track Surfacing

Daily Mile Track Surfacing ensures a safe and effective environment for children’s daily fitness activities. Selecting a suitable surface involves considering factors like weather resistance, maintenance needs, and user comfort. The ideal surface should also adapt to the UK’s weather conditions, ensuring the track remains usable and safe year-round. These considerations are key in promoting regular physical activity among children, aiding their overall development and helping to instil lifelong fitness and health habits.

SUDS Bond Surfacing: Features and Benefits

SUDS Bond, a blend of decorative aggregates and recycled tyre granules, offers an innovative, eco-friendly surfacing solution for Daily Mile Tracks. Its water-permeable nature effectively combats urban drainage issues, a crucial consideration in flood-prone areas. Its permeability and resilience make it ideal for diverse applications, from school pathways to rural trails.

The surfacing’s composition, using recycled materials, reflects an environmentally conscious choice, aligning with sustainability goals. The mixture of tyre rubber granules and coloured aggregate, bound with polyurethane, creates a durable surface with excellent traction, ensuring safety and longevity.

The installation process of SUDS Bond is meticulous and carried out by experienced professionals. Materials are mixed on-site and applied by hand, ensuring a high-quality finish. This personalised approach allows for customisation in design and layout, catering to the specific needs of the space. After installation, the surface requires a short curing period, typically between 6 to 24 hours, depending on the climate.

Maintenance of SUDS Bond surfacing is straightforward. Regular inspections and minor upkeep can extend its lifespan, making it a cost-effective option in the long term. Its robustness against wear and tear and its aesthetic appeal make it a practical choice for schools looking to incorporate the Daily Mile initiative into their curriculum.

Wet Pour Surfacing: Features and Benefits

Wet pour surfacing, known for its impact-absorbing properties, is formulated from rubber granules and polyurethane binders, ensuring durability and safety. The dual-layer construction – a coarse base layer from recycled tyre rubber and a finer, coloured top layer – offers both resilience and visual appeal. This surfacing is particularly effective in any sport and play area, providing essential protection against falls. It meets the rigorous safety standards of BS EN 1177:2018, making it a reliable choice.

Its versatility extends to various settings, including sports courts, splash parks, and recreational spaces. The environmental aspect of wet pour surfacing is notable, using recycled materials and offering an eco-friendly option. Like SUDS Bonds, it is fast draining, making it great for any weather and season – especially convenient in the UK!

Maintenance is straightforward, with options for regular cleaning and easy-to-use repair kits, ensuring the surface remains in top condition for extended periods. This high durability and cost-effectiveness make wet pour surfacing a practical and attractive option for many projects.

Comparing SUDS Bond and Wet Pour Surfacing

In comparing SUDS Bond and wet pour surfacing for Daily Mile Tracks, it’s essential to consider both functionality and cost.


  • Effective water management
  • Low installation costs, especially when installed on grass. It’s a cost-effective choice
  • Durability
  • Great drainage
  • Environmental benefits
  • Excellent grip and toughness

Wet pour surfacing

  • Continuous, seamless surface, no trip hazards
  • Excellent safety features
  • Durability
  • Great drainage
  • Aesthetic flexibility: it is available in different colours as well as highly UV stable, so it maintains colour well
  • Environmental benefits
  • Tends to be more expensive, especially when installed over grass

The decision depends on balancing safety requirements, aesthetic preferences, and budget considerations for the project.

Both SUDS Bond and wet pour surfacing are excellent choices for Daily Mile Tracks, each offering unique benefits. If you are looking to build a daily mile track or any type of surfacing, get in contact with us.