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The Brief:
The client was looking for a daily mile track to be installed in their playing field. They wanted to encourage the childen to be more active and wanted to be a part of the Daily Mile initiative.

£15,995 + VAT

Surfacing Installed:
The client was initially interested in a rubber mulch track but after some further discussion with us it was agreed that SUDs bond was a tougher and more robust surface which would be better suited for long term running.

SUDs (Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions) bond is composed of rubber granules, coloured aggregate and a polyurethane binder to create a surface that has excellent grip and enduring toughness.
When installed with the right groundworks and a suitable base, it is an extremely permeable paving solution.

The Outcome:
The school are delighted with the track and have seen it in use during PE lessions along with recreational time.

The surface allows rain water to quickly drain through which negates the slip risk of water and ice building on the track.

The children have enjoyed incorporating running into their physical education lessons which also allows them to socialise with friends whilst exercising.

Installation was completed during half term to minimise the risk to any students being present during installation. The team completed the site quickly and to a high standard.